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+91 22 28514504

Used Lead Acid Batteries - Recycling solutions


Magnabiz Corp provides turnkey solutions for used lead-acid battery recycling that include, but are not limited to, feasibility study, specification development, equipment and machinery design, their manufacturing, engineering services, plant installation, start-up and peripheral activities.

If you have battery scrap, we have a profitable recycling solution. Our plants ensure High Returns on Investment because of their high quality and extremely economic costing. If costs involved in installing such a plant was a deterrent factor with you till now, you can count on us to eliminate this.  

Our technical team's expertise ensures that the pollution norms are dealt with highest priority. Every part of the plant is designed to optimize the operations from pollution control viewpoint and production cost as well. 

The Lead metal received after Refining process, is guaranteed to have a minimum purity level of 99.97%. 

In nutshell, you get a dream plant that is non-polluting; produces highest quality product; at unimaginable low price; has low maintenance and optimized for high production thereby giving high rate of return on investment. 

Contact us for detailed discussion and obligation free preliminary project suggestions. 


Typical Process (Rotary Furnace based):

Uses of Lead

The principal consumption of lead is for lead-acid batteries which are used in vehicles, and in emergency systems as well as in industrial batteries found in computers and fork lift vehicles. Lead is also used in remote access power systems and load leveling systems as well as in compounds in the glass and plastics industries and for radiation shielding. Average end use patterns are illustrated in the chart:

Why Recycling

Use of Lead is ever increasing worldwide. The natural resources are limited. Recycling helps reducing burden on natural resources. Ever increasing Lead prices and demand are a boon to Battery Recycling. 

And for providing you with the solutions, we are awaiting a nod from you. 

Contact us for your business related query. Contact us if you deal in scrap batteries or you are a battery manufacturer or you already have a smelting plant and looking for upgrades. 

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